Poker Strategy: Flopped Trips In A 3 Bet Pot Gets Check Raised

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A dream scenario on this flop for the caller in question.. he flops trips with KQ. But on the river something unexpected happens and he gets check raised all in..

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Poker Strategy: Flopped Trips In A 3 Bet Pot Gets Check Raised

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Flopped Trips In A 3 Bet Pot Gets Check Raised

  1. Someone tell the Caller this is crush LIVE Poker not Online poker. Online is a completley different beast Purely math based decisions. Bart is spot on you are never folding this hand in online poker, gross spot but you are always calling/defending here and saying nice hand in the chat if he has you and moving on to the next hand.

  2. cooler but i think he played it fine. i kinda thought KK or AA were possibilities there, adding more reasons for a call

  3. can't say i understand why 3-betting KQ is ever really block a lot of big hands. i've read in more than poker book that KQ is a hand that should be 4-bet at least sometimes

  4. I actually think it’s more of a call live where people might take this line w an overplayed QJ and Q9… but it’s probably a fold in both because people are under bluff raising rivers. Would be nice to know the rest of the splits on villain. Cbet % fold to 3bet and steal %… you can kinda gauge how active a player is… if he folds to 3 bets he’s probably not that Active and this is actually a really easy fold.

  5. I would it fold this one… pretty clear the way villian played he had JJ or 10 10 … on river check raise all in… pocket 10’s 100% fold… AA or KK would 5 bet or play different..

  6. Not sure how PPP plays, but live – 2/5 most players undervalue pocket pairs – so they may call the flop, but not the turn w/ 10 10 or JJ – I was thinking the guy had Qx – you lose to AQ, chop KQ, beat QJ and now lose to Q10…. if he's lose – you beat Q9…. I totally expected to see Q10 at the end. Very surprised that 10 10 called flop AND turn……. super unlucky on the river, but I'm not folding unless I have a live read –

  7. Saying that the T on the river is a brick is not correct. When you bet for value on this flop you want to get calls from QJ, JJ, TT, 99 and the flushdraw. A brick would look like a 2-8 that´s not a diamond. The polorized bet on the river tells your opponent that you got a good hand, and he wouldn´t overbet a hand like QJ when both KQ and AQ is likely holdings to be up against. Not many people goes bananas on river with a all in checkrais without having it, specially on boards that make no sence of doing it on. Take this line with AQ insteed and bet smaller on river with KQ, QJ holdings to both get calls from JJ,99,QJ, and induce bluffs from worse hands or missed draws. The worst broadwaycard to get is prob the T followed by the J, and the best is obv the K or A getting called by the Axdd draws when you valuebet.

  8. Having a diamond makes this a fold on the river imo, what is he calling twice that he is now bluffing?
    AQ + QTs + TT + 66 = 11 combos
    AKo w/ Ad, AdJd, AcKc = 5 combos (this is assuming he doesn't 4bet AK) He should never be bluffing with diamonds on the river since he wants you to have them so really he is down to 3 bluff combos. I bet if you run it through piosolver with an appropriate 3bet calling range, it wants you to check back the river at least 70% and fold when you bet at least 70% of the time.

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