Poker Strategy: Flopping the Nut Straight with Board Pairing River

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First time caller Tanner shares a hand where he flopped the nut straight with AK and got two calls on the flop and turn. However, he faces an uncomfortable board pairing river.

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Poker Strategy: Flopping the Nut Straight with Board Pairing River

7 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Flopping the Nut Straight with Board Pairing River

  1. Hey Bart, when can I call in? Im a Huge fan, can I get a shout out for being the 1st comment!!

  2. Not sure if this is a troll or 1/2 players are just this bad. I'm surprised the other AK guy didn't raise on the turn to charge K9, 89, 2pairs, sets, combo draws/club. Given the action, the stack should've gotten in on the turn.., nothing special to talk about.

  3. His sizing was small, but because he left so many chips behind, he was able to make a solid lay down. Dude is a good player. Very good at hand reading and understands his opponents' ranges. He keeps doing that, he'll be a profitable player.

  4. Dude…Tanner…SHUT THE love UP & let Bart speak. FFS your betsizing was awful IMO as well.

  5. This guy is wrong i see people ship a single Q there so often yeah he happened to have a full house but he would never fold there had he bet larger earlier streets. scared money is dead money

  6. This is another scared poker hand, and while the scared line saved Hero some money this time, its going to cost him a ton of lost opportunity in the long run. Turn bet should have been bigger, and the river a jam, and if he played it like that, there is no headache about what to do, if someone raise the river. Especially with Heros incredibly small river sizing I can easily see someone jamming KQ feeling, he has the nuts.

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