Poker Strategy: Folding AK on an Ace High Flop?

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Bart Hanson from Crush Live Poker talks poker strategy regarding folding AK on an ace high flop.

Here in this 3 bet pot, the Hero in the hand plays AK a little slow preflop, hits an ace on the flop but is unsure whether or not to continue on the flop or on the turn.

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Poker Strategy: Folding AK on an Ace High Flop?

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Folding AK on an Ace High Flop?

  1. I agree with Bart, clear 4 bet as you are only truly screwed by AA. You could argue to exploitatively fold to 5 bet if you can get some sort of physical tell (being too calm/sure and hiding it). Some KK might call only, fearing AA and then you have some nice A flops. TT JJ another AK might indeed fold which makes you a lot of money and is worth the risk of 3 combinations of AA screwing you. From my experience, min 3bets can also be hands that look nice for a tight opponent gaining some confidence in his play e.g AJ ATs, 88-99. Regarding flop play, the D who calls the pot could be on 87s or QJs or AK/AQ so shove is not out of the question. Everyone is blocking each others holdings so not that many nutted combos are out there. Potting is usually not done with nuts (AT) there is a fear of getting folds. Just with TT it makes sense but few people know that.

  2. I see old guys do this with KK all the time it’s like they get tilted that the A came and they try and force their way to victory. They usually lose the hand and are anxious to show everyone what they had and how unlucky they are without any care for the money they just lost

  3. Watching the video I put the old guy on KK after his check and I put the BTN on a combo draw not a combo draw with a A though but maybe KQ or QJ of spades. Especially after he asked the old guy how much he had behind before only calling. He didn’t have any fold equity so calling with a big draw makes sense.

  4. When V1 bet pot on the flop, I was thinking there's a good chance he has KK. I've seen this play sometimes from older players, betting huge on the flop when there's one over to their pocket pair. I think they see it as a "see where I'm at" bet, or a "go away" bet. Recently saw a hand where this happened and the KK bet every street and got called down by A5 – and was upset the A5 didn't fold at any point.

    I even played a strange one in a local tournament where I 3-bet JJ and got min 4-bet pre. Flop is Q95 rainbow and older guy bets nearly pot. I tank folded, and he shows 1010…

  5. Bart – curious what you make of the guy on the button asking how much the old guy has & then flatting OTF? I would think that usually means a draw wondering if they have the right implied odds to call. Though in this case I guess he was finding out how much he might lose with his weak top pair. Wouldn't a strong made hand raise this flop to get it in against the old guy and force out hands with equity?

  6. I really appreciate your videos and analysis, but at 1227- why does your voice go from manly to weenie mode?

  7. Putting villain on exactly 2 holdings pre flop with the only information being a min raise? This is how you lose at poker. If you aren’t squeezing AK suited in the easiest squeeze spot I’ve ever seen in my life then you won’t be able to handle the much tougher decisions that come with poker

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