Poker Strategy Game Theory: GTO v Exploitative

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Poker Strategy Game Theory: GTO v Exploitative

9 thoughts on “Poker Strategy Game Theory: GTO v Exploitative

  1. Great to talk about GTO theory wise, but I have never ever seen one poker player make a vid where he states to play GTO the whole match and showed us why it is GTO. I think we can solve some pieces from a played hand , just like the AKQ game, but not the whole puzzle from preflop to the river every single time.  I could be wrong. We must have the right proportion of bluffs/valuebets etc every single time on all kind of boardtextures and for that our preflop distrubution have to be perfect too. Someone please tell me if I am wrong?

  2. Perhaps I don't understand but why can't opponents adjust to GTO? If I see someone is playing optimal poker I just start bluffing more over repping hands and such  (though it's hardly necessary since most people just don't play this way and then you're pretty much guaranteed money if you just play GTO long enough). By the time they realize that you're playing a disproportionate number of hands you're already making money. The extra folding of your opponents can net some nice $. Once they start to play back at you, well then the chess game begins but you've moved away from GTO. ANY strategy is ultimately exploitable.

  3. Thanks for this amazing video on GTO. I also got a lot of use out of a video tutorial on GTO in Ace Poker Solutions' videos which has helped me to learn it.

  4. Highly not used much in actuality in real poker.  Sure some of the true math geniuses sit there and think about it. Few poker players understand the theory at all.  try reading Nash's stuff or Von Neuwman's original papers.  I have a BS in engineering and a MS in Applied Math.   There are some brilliant math and physics PhD's, chess masters, bridge champions, etc. playing poker these days, but that doesn't make them great players.

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone. For more GTO coaching content, head on over to the website!

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