Poker Strategy: Getting Check Raised on the Turn

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Bart Hanson from Crush Live Poker discusses poker strategy about getting check raised on the turn.

Getting check raised on the turn is a spot where you can overfold. Bart talks with a caller who gets raised when betting with top pair.

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Poker Strategy: Getting Check Raised on the Turn

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Getting Check Raised on the Turn

  1. That was a great bluff by the Villain. He is clearly self aware of his image and he gauged that the caller knows that he can call down with an 8 on a K84 rainbow. Villain knew that the Caller would take this into consideration and the fact that when Caller called and Villain said "Your king is good " and mucked shows Villain knew exactly where he was at in that hand.

    Caller just wants a pat on the back that he made a hero call. Wants Validation from Bart Hanson. Good Read Bart.

  2. For a gambler and poker player, why is your math so terrible. You never get the pots right after they tell you the numbers. Be better. Watch the vids back one time for me to see what I'm saying.

  3. Wow, you gotta give this guy some mad credit for calling that all the way through. Definitely one of those spots where either the guy's bluffing or he has a monster. I would be folding there on that turn raise about 90% of the time. Then again i would check the turn since i'm a bit of a passive player.

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    Bart Hanson



    Bart is moving up the field fast, folks. let's all wish him well…a cool 10 mill !!!!

  5. All the information you gave about the villain says to fold turn. You mentioned he likes to play lots of hands and calls with second or third pair. Yet for some reason your decision on the river didn’t include any of this information but rather you got a price so you called?

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