Poker Strategy – How to Crush Fish Postflop

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Poker Strategy – How to Crush Fish Postflop

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy – How to Crush Fish Postflop

  1. Good video, however, I think the spots you went over were trickier for the fish so it would be nice if you could give a quick explanation of what you think the fish should have done in each spot

  2. thank you for re uploading this video, for some reason the audio would always cut out on the last one.

  3. Hey guys, glad this is working for you now. Sorry about the lack of audio in the the previous upload.

  4. When ppl just call with big blind (14:35) i almost everytime Cbet because of fish AND regs calls with alot of hands in that position. But im a tournament player, maybe its different in cash game?

  5. I have a question… how do you know if the player is a fish? This has been on my mind for years and never really understood what the term "fish" meant.

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