Poker Strategy: How to play JJ on a Wet Board vs a Raise

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In this hand the caller flops an overpair with JJ on a wet board and faces a raise. He and Bart go over all possible options and which one is the most profitable.

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Poker Strategy: How to play JJ on a Wet Board vs a Raise

8 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: How to play JJ on a Wet Board vs a Raise

  1. I agree completely with Bart's logic here. When a villain raises us on a bet board he either has the nuts, a FD, or a small over pair to find out where they are at. Sets/TP will raise bigger.

  2. My initial feeling was to fold. Mostly because I feel you're nearly playing your hand face up when you continue on this board(pitfall of low stakes is thinking your opponents think like you or well). If the villain was calling this hand in and he had As3s(or any suited A3), I imagine Bart would advise to "click it up" min raise. Maybe I over thought this hand because if i had 66-99  here I think a fold to this continue is fine. (possibly 66 should call)

  3. I agree with Bart. Best move would have been to check/call flop.
    But I want to ask why do we check/call?
    – because we want to have a balanced checking range?
    – or because this is the most EV+ action to take (exploitative thinking)?
    Please explain Bart.

  4. First video I've seen from this guy. I love the analysis. I'll definitely start checking this channel out regularly

  5. If you have the read, I'm ok with a raise on the flop here. I think the sizing is abit extreme, but I think it's an option that must be exercised sometimes in these spots, to keep your opponents from constantly trying to bluff you

  6. Soon as I saw this hand my thought process goes its got to be 2 pair or a flush draw, I was one of them guys that would have re-raised here with an overpaid to see where I am & agree its folding out worst hands & better hands are calling.Call the raise & evaluate.If another spade comes down or a low card would you call the turn?Keep trying to place players on ranges & failing miserably…….great vids btw

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