Poker Strategy: Is Folding Trips Too Weak?

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In this hand we have medium trips in a multiway pot and get put in an uncomfortable spot when several players so serious interest in the hand.

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Poker Strategy: Is Folding Trips Too Weak?

6 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Is Folding Trips Too Weak?

  1. waaayyyy too nitty, bro! gotta peel getting 7-1 there, i mean its only about 15-1 of picking up a 9 on the river, which could get you someone's stack, so even if you only play for that it's probably worth it, but there is also a good chance of it checking down on the river, or a 3 could cause a chop too. and you are ahead quite a bit too, as seen…. that fold was very, very close to sacrilege.

  2. To much action, to many callers. If you never lay down the best hand against a fish, you become a fish by yourself. I don't know what these other guys are calling with. I don't think it is to nitty to fold. You are hoping for an guy who is overplaying his hand. Well this was the case in this spot. But generally thats much to optimistic.

  3. I think, a lot of this boils down to Heros bet sizing. CO might have put Hero on a weak ace thinking, he was going for value with AJ. And then of course BTN dont have any other play than flatting with trips weak kicker. Hero probably thought, nobody could have an ace, when the flop got checked through, and that he had to go for very thin value against mainly pocket pairs.

    However that was clearly not true, and I am not totally surpriced to see someone check an ace on this texture in a multiway pot. Its something, I personally would not do, unless I had a bad kicker, but I have seen it a lot. And its not a completely bad play, because this board was as static, as they get, and its very difficult to get 3 streets of value with an ace.

    I know, smaller bet sizes are very modern and especially on these kind of boards. But I would lead this flop for a larger size trying to win a large pot the times, someone was checking an ace on the flop and cant fold it now and to make it look like, I could be bluffing.

    I would not go bananas with a overbet, but maybe something like 40-45$ and not just 25. Had Hero used this bet size, I dont think, the CO and BTN would have had any other play than to just call. Then we would have gone 3-ways to the river, and at this point the river is a bet-fold for Hero.

  4. Two people in front of us have put 65 in now but it's literally impossible for both of them to be ahead of us. These two cant have aces they flatted pre, and the one who has a ten can have a worse ten, I was scared for this exact ending I was concerned but thought u were still good fairly often.

  5. I know they can have 33 but it's more likely to be a badly played ace or a ten like it was, at this level.

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