9 thoughts on “Poker Strategy — Omaha Eight-or-Better With Jimmy Fricke

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  3. Solid advice from Jimmy Fricke. If you're a beginner, the best advice you could adhere to would be to:
    a) Play limit Omaha Hi Lo instead of PLO, PLO is simply too difficult
    b) Only play suited Aces with a low draw like A2XX or A3XX. As this will give you outs to a flush, straight, and a low. As you gain more experience you can open up your range to include hands that don't have an Ace.
    c) Never chase a low if you also don't have a draw to a high unless the pot is HUGE. Only when the pot is huge would it be profitable to try to draw to a low and get half.
    d) Like Jimmy said, middle cars like 6-9 are generally trash.

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