Poker Strategy – Opening Ranges & Continuing Ranges

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This easy-on-the-eye video from James ‘Splitsuit’ Sweeney covers opening ranges and continuing ranges. Enjoy!

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Poker Strategy – Opening Ranges & Continuing Ranges

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy – Opening Ranges & Continuing Ranges

  1. and to macangus123 if you are constantly waiting for the say top 10% of hands to play then you will not play enough hands to make it profitable they aren't dealt out enough and you'll end up folding far too many hands that you might have been able to play and get your opp to fold thus making you a profit

  2. and another point is that you could never use this in microstakes games because the amount required for a call is next to nothing if you are playing $0.50/$1 then basic raise is 3 dollars and 3bet is usually 9 or 10 at microstakes basic raise is $0.06 and standard 3bet will be between $0.15 to $0.20 this is not enough to make people fold no matter what hand they are holding

  3. Split suit have you ever won any money or you just a donk whats your username? I would like to sharkscope you

  4. you put him on a 3bet range of about 5% and some bluffs but you 4 bet with a mediocre hand
    do you consider at all the range he might be putting you on when you put him on one? seems to me like a weak play if you don't know anything about him or if he knows some about you
    im not critiquing just want to understand why your line of play is different than what you assume his is

  5. Why not just check the Fold-to4bet stat 😁. I know it's great to have the maths skills. For mass multitable you have no time for this. Nice video though, thank you.

  6. Just a comment, the audio on your videos is a little overpowering..the S sounds are ear piercing.

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