Poker Strategy: Pocket 2s Turns A Boat

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In this hand we turn a full house with pocket deuces and have to decided how to get value. However, we face a large shove on the river and have to wonder if we are beat.

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Poker Strategy: Pocket 2s Turns A Boat

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Pocket 2s Turns A Boat

  1. Very similar to the last hand. I would have a hard time folding this against an unknown low stakes player, since you never know, if he might think, KQ was the nuts and overplay his hand.

  2. Silly logic about river bet IMO. He’s never calling with a T anyway, so might as well bet big and target his Qx.

  3. Interesting hand, agree with your analysis Bart. Worth noting, if he does have Q2 it would have to be offsuit because Q2cc isn’t possible. Given action this is almost always Q10 or Q8. I think biggest takeaway is definitely avoiding betting this wide on the flop and also hero should take more time making river decision and thinking through combos rather than just snap calling based on relative strength of hand.

  4. In a gambly game nobody is folding a flush draw on the turn for 45$ or even an openender. C'mon, make more money when you have the nuts.

  5. Similar situations for me
    I flopped a set of deuces turned a boat
    I check (villain has a flush draw)
    River is a spade (hits his flush)

    I bet & he jams all in, unfortunately he had a royal I get stacked

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