Poker Strategy: Pocket 99s Math Facing A Shove

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In this hand we face a shove with pocket 99s and have to decide if we have the odds to call. Bart talks through how to do the math quickly and easily in your head at the table.

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Poker Strategy: Pocket 99s Math Facing  A Shove

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Pocket 99s Math Facing A Shove

  1. Stop playing badty 1 3 short stack. Not playable, rake is too much usually. Grow a pair, and move up to 2 5 or get out

  2. I find I'm comfortable in the math once I know a range (counting my outs, figuring out equity, all that) but I suck bad at pegging ranges. I think that's the reason playing is an important part of study. You can learn all the right things to do given theoretical ranges (i.e. I do this obviously against a LAG but this instead vs a TAG) but making reads on people in new games without much history takes a lot of live practice. I also found that "when in doubt revert to GOT" is bad advice for low stakes. I think at that level, when in doubt, it's best to be very tight. Someone should give you a real good reason to think they are loose and not being hit by the deck. I think that's the real message behind this video – not the math, but how to think about what hands someone can have to validate the math…

  3. The funny thing is that if he shows you a K it doesn't change the odds much. If you think he can only have AK or KK, then he has four combos of AK and three combos of KK and you still have the right odds to call. In fact, they are slightly better now. 😀 It's way more dangerous if he lets you pick a card and you pick a T.

  4. Villain started with 50 bb and straddled to 4x? Why are we counting combos? He’s gonna show up with like K4s or some other airball at some frequency. This is not John Nash, he doesn’t care about your ranges. He’s just doing stuff.

  5. Great analyze Bart. If the villian is only playing 50bb, I don't think we need to think too much in terms of combos. I would just think about what hands villian would 3bet shove us and do I want to race or gamble. Any thoughts?

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