Poker Strategy: Pocket Aces, $2-$5 should we fold?

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CLP Subscriber Gene discusses facing a river bet on an uncomfortable runout with AA.

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Poker Strategy: Pocket Aces, $2-$5 should we fold?

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Pocket Aces, $2-$5 should we fold?

  1. Ck call, CK, bet on brick river for a almost pot size bet. Really… Looks 🎏.. I call just because I ckd the turn. I play like that…
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  2. this is one of the only hands i disagree with bart on. a wild older player could value bet j10 and have some bluffs. i like the check on the turn but you can call river against certain opponents. i hate the raise on the flop though

  3. Why not look at the hand from the villains perspective of hero's hand? Thats a major mistake. Even with pair of aces, why isn't hero playing like he hit the flush?

  4. Why doesn't the hero raise the $300 river? Very few players have nads to raise river. Make the villain wonder if hero hit a boat with JJJ88. And hero has the nut flush Ace. Aggression and Balls beat out passive and panties!!!

  5. Why are we discounting the possibility that villain is betting a J otr? We had the lead and then checked when the flush card hit. Is he afraid we are betting the draw and then checking the nuts?

  6. Awful to fold here,look the st8s do not get there,V isnt donking a d-gutter and calling a raise,the guy could have a flush ok or a bluff or even just a J and just betting cos you checked back turn.Your Ac blocks a lot of his value range so have to call here.

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