Poker Strategy: Pocket Aces Faces A Confusing River Lead

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In this hand we bet small twice with aces and then face an odd river lead. Is this a blocker bet we should raise or value or a strong hand playing it tricky?

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Poker Strategy: Pocket Aces Faces A Confusing River Lead

6 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Pocket Aces Faces A Confusing River Lead

  1. The numbers on the graphs are wrong, on the turn it should be 360$ and when he calls, the pot is 460$ on the river, not 410, so the villain bet 1/3 pot.
    Anyway, I would just bet bigger on the turn, 150$ into 260$ should be alright, then you win a bit bigger, more satisfying pot. Flop is fine if we believe people will notice we bet bigger for value on a dry flop like this.

  2. I dont believe 986r is a board you are "supposed" to down bet as the 3 bettor. I actually believe this board is far more appropriate along with other paired boards, more so on low paired boards. Also disconnected A and K high boards. On the double flush draw board with tons of straight draws almost positive you polarize and bet pot or larger. Neither player has that many 8 so you are leveraging your over pairs. Slam dunk turn overbet vs a villain that raises flop with his 8x. At the same time I believe in normal live games the best play is to play each hand to max ev. Maybe u try a theory based approach vs the stronger regs u play with daily.

  3. i don't like these 1/3 sized bets…what do you really gain? you aren't getting much value, you aren't getting much protection, you aren't getting much information either. if someone has a smaller pair on that flop they will probably call a bigger bet. one thing that you probably don't even want is that betting 1/3 pot could induce a raise…then what are you going to do? you have no idea where you are are at..if you had bet 100 and got raised you could probably find a fold a lot easier. especially on the turn, a lot of saavy villains are going to put you to a test…

  4. i'd call river – your hand is under-repped (i guess one advantage of those small bets) and you beat JQ and there are tons of missed draws

  5. Hey Bart what was the name of that reggae song you played at the end of your live show the other week?

  6. Preflop is fine. Flop should be around 80. As played turn should be around 200. As played river is a call.

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