Poker Strategy: Pocket Aces Should we Bet the Flush Card?

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Bart Hanson from Crush Live Poker talks poker strategy regarding pocket aces when the flush card hits.

From Parx, Garland picks up aces and wonders whether or not he should continue betting the turn when the flush comes in. How do we approach this situation?

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Poker Strategy: Pocket Aces Should we Bet the Flush Card?

5 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Pocket Aces Should we Bet the Flush Card?

  1. Nice hand analysis as always. Hero played hand fine, just got unlucky. Thanks for showing these call in hands Bart. Can't always make the Monday night show. Appreciate what you do, and good luck at the WSOP.

  2. Bart how do you feel about switching seats to get position on fun player does the added EV compensate for the social consequences or people thinking I'm a douche

  3. I hate downbetting flop You might as well Bet 3/4 pot on flop Because this guy will continue with FD, 67s, JTs, T9s , J9s, QTs, QJs. Your never scaring these guys away you value bet the bad out of them, You have given him great odds with with Straight draws and flush draws Why? You think he is ever going to fold these draws if you bet pot ? Nope. Why not extract value especially in position its easy to know if he makes a hand or not. Value bet him most of the time he will miss. Why would you ever give him better than his odds of hitting those draws. I don't understand why You would the whole point is to charge this player type so that he doesnt have the odds to call. Your losing money each street you down bet from so many hands that you should be getting 3 streets of value from. In this spot If u had bet Pot he wouldve called and if the same action occured where u can make the disciplined fold on the turn then You will yield more profit then you lose here. Downbetting at these levels reeks like scared money, and thats blood in the water.

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