Poker Strategy: Pocket Kings Against High Stakes Pro

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In this hand we have pocket kings against a pro who normally plays higher stakes. We get a good runout but Bart and the caller discuss if there is any value in raising the river.

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Poker Strategy: Pocket Kings Against High Stakes Pro

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Pocket Kings Against High Stakes Pro

  1. Maybe you should have asked if the 2,7 game was in effect? Some people play that if you win a hand with 2,7 (whether for value or as a bluff), everyone at the table has to give you 1BB or some token amount like that.

    Brutal hand to lose with KK.

  2. no suggestion that someone who limps in has quite possibly a deuce in their range? sure play it out the same way, but him having quad deuces should at least cross your mind.

  3. How can the caller say that the Villain wouldn't call with QJ. The J doesn't play on this board right? So any Q (222, QQ) he has to call for $700 into that pot.

  4. Brutal hand! Good thing hero didn't raise! I would probably raise the flop to see where I'm at and also cos I don't want an ace or a jack or some other random draw to come. Is the better play to just call with top pairs in general?

  5. One possibility that was left out here is that V thinks very little of H and thinks he has enough skill edge to move him off of a hand post flop. It's just that this time he hit his hand and took H to value town.

  6. I think, Hero played it perfectly. We cant fold KK against someone, who is representing such a narrow value range, even if 72 is part of it. But there is also no value in raising at any point, since its such a way ahead or way behind scenario. Either Villain somehow has a deuce or JJ, and we are drawing to 2 outs at best, or he is drawing to 2-3 outs at best. And just to make it clear: Villain showing up with 72s does not mean, he also have every single other 2X in his range. It was likely to practice playing the 72 game in a situation, where he did not care about the money, or for the sake of table dynamics.

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