Poker Strategy: QThh Flops A Combo Draw vs Two Players

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We flop a combo draw with QThh but have to be worried about our draw being dominated. What would you do?

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Poker Strategy: QThh Flops A Combo Draw vs Two Players

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: QThh Flops A Combo Draw vs Two Players

  1. Good point by Jesse in that his draw could be dominated and that his opponent(s) could also be on a heart draw, reducing his outs. There has to be a few bluffs (and fewer semi-bluffs) in your opponent's range to call.

  2. Would hero checking flop be crazy on this board?? I would be checking the flop here in a multi way pot on the button at a high frequency.

  3. I think, Hero played this hand perfectly fine including the turn fold. The main Villain is not bluffing into a dry side pot, so its not like, we can ever be up against a worse draw. And against hands, that take this line for value, all our outs are not clean.

    Sure Ah2h is the only flush draw, which makes sense, but he could also have hands like 55 or AJ, in which case Ah is a pretty nasty card for us on the river. Or the shorty could have AX of hearts or KX of hearts, in which case, even if we make a flush, we will still only win the side pot.

  4. Jesse – next call may consider to please stop saying right every 2-3 seconds over Bart’s commentary.

  5. You made a good fold on turn. He is doing a nice value bet and you will miss your flop. Even if you hit, you still could lose. On turn, he is a head of you. So fold. Don't listen to any stupid suggestion.

  6. If you call – and the villain checks river to you. Then what?? I don’t think the implied odds are here. Hard for villain to call with set, only calling with trapped nut flush/big flush..

  7. Makes me laugh when these nerd pigeons ring in for analysis from Bart but then disagree with what he says and argue every point…if you are so gto why bother calling…it feels like some ego thing to me

  8. Caller played it properly. Call check raise on flop. Fold to turn bet. To much danger out there.

  9. Dont really care what Jesse thinks. He should listen better. He is trying too hard to justify his action looking for a pat on the back

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