Poker Strategy: Rakeback Explained

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Poker Strategy: Rakeback Explained

5 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Rakeback Explained

  1. Hey PokerVIP. Great video as always. The only thing I'm finding hard to understand, is you talk about "rakeback pro's" who make a wage through their rakeback. But if rakeack is only you getting back what they've taken, then I can't see how it's possible for a profit? Did I miss something?

  2. Still not sure what would be more rewarding. Chasing after supernova on stars or depositing on a rakeback site. hm

  3. Hi guys what if your not a great vip level say ghrome or sliver and you grind mirco tournamants most would it be pointless to get rake back or if you just grinded mirco tournaments on another site?

  4. I played at a casino which offered 20% rakeback every week to VIP players, but with a catch:
    If they folded on the flop, the rakeback for that hand was reduced by 50%.
    If they folded on the turn, it was reduced by only 25%.
    And if they made it all the way to the river, they got the full 25% rakeback added to their member's card.

    They also had a point system for Diamond Members which increased the rakeback up to 50%.

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