10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy – Reading Opponents in Poker

  1. @uAfooLOL – Feel free to post any questions! Just be patient for me to respond 🙂
    A lot of people say there is a relationship with skill level and table limits. That's partially true. Logic would tell you that if you are not profitable at 1/2, then you probably won't be at 2/5. There's good and bad players at all limits and that's because there's no short supply of guys with money! If you can't beat them at 1/2, they'll still give you a hard time at 2/5.

  2. @mypokercorner – I greatly appreciate your reply. I'll definitely look into the heads-up SNG's. That's actually VERY good advice. I tend to fold too much and I think I've gotten pegged as a tight player who can get pushed around. BUT, when I actually call and even raise after the flop or turn…they definitely take notice. I think maybe I'm answering some of my own questions….? Thanks again.

  3. @uAfooLOL – One player who knows me from playing in numerous sessions together, and who I actually happen to like and respect, told me – "You over-analyze everything….this is your problem."
    How the hell can you not analyze? What's over-analyzing? HAHAHA! Anyway…thanks again for your advice. I'll definitely make good use of it. Thanks again.

  4. Very important info that you give away here. Exspecially the analogy with a story is a very good one to keep in mind.

    I´ve used this over and over when playing myself 😉

  5. I used to think that myself A LOT. And still, 90% of the time i agree that most "coaches" are complete crap.

    But I beg to differ this time… using myself as an example. If you´re seriously interested why, read some of my articles

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