Poker Strategy: Royal Flush Draw in MASSIVE Multi-way Pot

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In this hand the caller gets into a massive pot, deep stacked with multiple players. She and Bart go over how to play each street and when it is better to push other players out with your draw and when you want to pull them in.

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Poker Strategy: Royal Flush Draw in MASSIVE Multi-way Pot

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Royal Flush Draw in MASSIVE Multi-way Pot

  1. This sounds like bullbad…. I've NEVER heard a casino giving out $500 to every player at a "random hot" table every hour. Total BS. A casino could never afford $4500 an hour like that….total non-sense. I have deff seen $500 every hour to an "individual" player who has the "high hand" during that particular hour. I've even seen $50 "splash pots" every hour at every table. (Splash pot is where the casino throws in $50 of free chips before hands are dealt — then everyone at the table acts like a loveing maniac and jams all in pre-flop if they have ANY kind of decent hand lol)

  2. To everyone saying that "no casino gives out $4,500 per hour in the poker room this is BS" – actually MGM National Harbor (new casino in DC area) and MD Live (competitor) have been doing absolutely insane promotions in their poker rooms since MGM NH opened in December of 2016.

    I suspect it was from one of those two casinos as I actually remember one of them doing this exact promotion fairly recently.

  3. it was actually $500 per person at the table w/ 10 people = $5000/hr, not $4500. they were doing it in june and july from friday and saturday mornings but i think they went broke because now its $300 every two hours

  4. BTW i was at mgm when this happened, i think it was a saturday night. LIT game next to mine very loud, and long list to transfer to it

  5. bart what are you doing if you're the button with kk? what would you have done differently?

  6. Bart, why are you so afraid of AK on the turn? Even if he sometimes has AK, we have 39% equity + 7% to chop against AK. Even if he shows us AK, we are still going to call. Seems like an easy semi-bluff jam, and if he shows us AK, it's close to a flip.

  7. Yes it's MGM Nat harbor. I was playing 1/3 and It kept hitting the same table over and over which I think was a 5/10 and I was like wtf the rich get richer lol. My whole stack is 250 and they got the 200 each 3/4 times in a row.

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