Poker Strategy: Should We 3 Bet The Turn With Top Two?

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We flop two pair and get minraised on the turn. Do you prefer to just call for re-raise?

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Poker Strategy: Should We 3 Bet The Turn With Top Two?

8 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Should We 3 Bet The Turn With Top Two?

  1. It’s also possible your small bet on the turn got an extra bet out of the villain. I would have bet $250-$285 on the turn since the villain is a calling station I tend to bet bigger. If he was really weak he may have folded.

  2. I have a question what do you guys think about just calling the raise in the turn and check calling the river . I like that because it keeps his bluffs in and if he is aggressive then he may bluff if he misses his draw . But I would like to know what you guys think

  3. Hey Bart I’m a long time lurker of the show. I played an interesting session the other day and I’d like to get your feedback on a hand or two. How can I reach you or get on the list to call in?

  4. I agree with the suggestion for a larger turn sizing, but other than that I think, Hero played is perfectly. Is Villain really clicking it back on the turn with top pair? I think, most of the time its either a worse two pair, 44 or a draw. Something like QJ or QT of spades. And against that range its totally fine to get it in on the turn. If he folded the draw, cool, then he did not get there in the end, and we did not pay him off.

  5. I don’t know what games you play but in my games, people don’t continue to call me down with Ax in this spot once I bet twice here, Bart.

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