Poker Strategy: Should We Just Call The River with a Set

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In this hand we go for a trap on the flop with a set and it doesn’t work out. Our opponent takes an odd value line and the caller and Bart discus if raising for value is too thin.

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Poker Strategy: Should We Just Call The River with a Set

8 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Should We Just Call The River with a Set

  1. It seems like so often the villain has the exact hand you don't want him to have and you don't expect him to have that it seems mathematically improbable

  2. Very nice hand review but although we lost the hand and for all the reasons you said we shouldn't raise there, in my experience in the low stakes 1-2 2-5 5-5 (live) people tend to be on the more calling station then nit. So yeah, every once in a while you are going to see there 68 55 77 or TT but in the majority of the time you get value from weird two pairs or even a naked A non believer (limped pot). I think that in general you should raise there but it is very player dependable situation.

  3. Wow, really good analyst. My first thought was raise, fold to reraise. But I didn't think about the hand enough. Awesome video…. I lead this flop very often in a limped pot. Lower stakes bet and allow bad players to make bad decisions

  4. Not really sure why the flop check-raise would be not such a great play, can someone enlighten me?
    Edit: Would leading out be a better play to get as much money into the pot as possible early on?

  5. When he checks the turn and blind checks the river I’m committing all my chips

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