Poker Strategy: Should We Shove Our Last 15BB Deep in this MTT

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In honor of the WSOP Main Event today we have a simple but important tournament short stack spot

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Poker Strategy: Should We Shove Our Last 15BB Deep in this MTT

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Should We Shove Our Last 15BB Deep in this MTT

  1. You just can't open fold with 15bb, and you also just can fold and wait for better spot

  2. Bad play. Suited 56 doesnt mean much relative to 56 off suit. I would fold and wait for the button, which would give you a better spot to survive the tournament.

    400pp out of 5k- big 3.30 – 600/1200 – Me on the BTN raise to SB for 3,6K with pocket AA. He called me. FLOP : 7d3s6s I raise for 4,4k to 5,4k pot he insta calls with K10 suited (spades) and gues what happend.
    f: 7d 6s 3s he bet 1200 i raise all in for 28k and he snap calls with his second nut flush. He obviously cought it on the fuvking river. Honey he called me with K10,,,,,,,,

  4. This is what tournaments are like. You get short, and then you start to gamble like this. Sometimes you win and chip up, and other times you go bust, and then you go home. Its obvious, that the caller is not a tournament player, because really nothing special about this spot.

  5. That’s my new favorite poker expression – “Even if you can see my hand, you can’t make the right play” 😎

  6. haha saw this video this morning and found myself in the exact same situation

    villain had about 30 bb

    it was a BBAnte tournament, with 2k for bb and a 2k ante….I had 18k total…should I be deciding based on I have 4-5 bb or 9 bb?

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