Poker Strategy: The Turn Card Kills Our Hand

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In this hand we flop a monster but get crushed by the turn card. Bart gives his thoughts on how to proceed with the hand.

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Poker Strategy: The Turn Card Kills Our Hand

6 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: The Turn Card Kills Our Hand

  1. This guy is like everyone else at 1-2. Does not know why he's betting and can't fold even when it's too obvious.

  2. This player is an extreme beginner. That is ok, but he needs to be careful and learn fast. Here is one of the most important things I can tell beginners: the big bet matters most. When the big bet comes in, forget everything else for a moment. You will want to call and will want to use some tiny bet on an early street or something from another hand to justify it. Do not make that mistake. The big bet almost always means a big hand – probably the nuts. Only rarely will it be a bluff. Very rarely. That kind of play is something pros do at high limits when playing each other. In this hand, how can the villain know the hero does not have quads? How can he know the hero would fold a ten? He can’t. At 1-2, when the big bet comes in you need to assume it is a big hand and have a bigger one yourself. This could have been true on the flop here, but not after that turn card landed.

  3. I know sometimes it's hard to put our opponent on quads when there's 3 on the board, but considering the villain defended his BB in a 1/2 game, he pretty much has every combo of Ax. And that's actually a ton of combos.

  4. I read somewhere you shouldn't raise in situations like that if you wouldn't know what to do if you were reraised…take the cheap showdown…that is as dangerous as boards get.

  5. Guy says he’s flopped the nuts with TT on AAT board?

    Even if you rule out AA on the grounds villain would reraise, why are we ruling out ATo? Seems a reasonable hand to defend your blind with. Only two combos left but it’s not inconceivable.

    Ask Oliver Hudson…

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