Poker Strategy: Thumb: As Kc check raises flop as bluff

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Description: In this non-standard spot the caller decides to check raise a ragged flop as a semi bluff with AK after 3 betting preflop.

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Poker Strategy:  Thumb: As Kc check raises flop as bluff

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Thumb: As Kc check raises flop as bluff

  1. looks a lot like you are up against like 99 or TT to me… i might just fold on the flop if straddle is a half-way decent player.

    instead of checking with the betting lead there, a good thing to try sometimes in these spots is to make a blocking bet around 1/3 pot and hope you don't get raised…and i don't think too many people are raising you with top pair, 99-JJ or AQ+ or anything weird because you could easily have the goods.

  2. Terrible play. JJ will not fold. Anyone playing AK this way is a pure gambler. Mind as well dump all that money on one baccarat hand. AK just like any two cards can be fold. Next hand.

  3. Just check fold flop. Guy said the straddler isn’t cold calling marginal hands, why try to bluff when his range is 90% overpairs. This is really spewy.

  4. I don't think either line generates enough folds vs the range of 99-JJ, I'd like to attack a range that has some air in it at least, especially with not much equity otf

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