Poker Strategy: Top Pair Top Kicker Vs A River Overbet

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In this hand we 3 bet AJs and hit top pair top kicker. We feel pretty comfortable with our hand until we face a large overbet on the river. What would you do?

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Poker Strategy: Top Pair Top Kicker Vs A River Overbet

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Top Pair Top Kicker Vs A River Overbet

  1. Hey lemme ask you guys about this hand I played last night. It’s 1-3, $500 effective. I had AK in the SB. One limp in mp, I raise to 25, BB calls and limper folds. Flop comes AQ2 rainbow. I bet 30. He calls. Turn comes a 3, completing the rainbow, I bet $55. He calls. River is another blank, I bet $150. He snap calls with A3.

    Do you think I should be going 3 streets with AK on a dry run out?

  2. What is the rationale for betting A4hh or 54hh on the turn in villain’s spot? Wouldn’t he be turning his hand into a bluff?

  3. I would've called. Seems like the $400:$1,200 bet on the flop invites a lot of floats to see a turn card. And then hero's turn check showed weakness, too. I think Villain could've been bluffing to fold AK/AQ.

  4. Hard to believe the villain had 33. I guess I could see him floating the flop getting 4:1 some percentage of the time with that combo but if that’s so what are his plans for the turn ? As played I like a call

  5. Hero severely underrepped his hand postflop, and that can certainly induce a big river bluff from a good player. If Hero is going to play like this postflop, I much prefer to just call preflop rather than 3-bet. It look like, Hero was building a big pot, he was not really comfortable playing against this particular opponent.

  6. Good hand for analysis. Villain could have AJ KJ QJ and be value betting a worse hand. I also think villain will have 66,44,33,A4 a decent amount of the time. Not sure why you checked turn, what are you afraid of? I think I would call river as played, since checking turn and river may make him think you missed flop with AK

  7. Lol there's regs this bad at 25/50? You literally don't have a better call down than AJdd as you don't block bdfd or any flop floats w bdfd and you block JJ. Esp when you x/c the turn. And the river bet isn't that large, villain should have a lot of 2x pot shoves on this runout as he's likely to have a lot of bluffs esp vs the oop turn check. If you're folding AJ then you're literally folding everything. Maybe you can have A4hh/54hh yourself and that's it but maybe you check call 54hh OTF or don't 3b pre.

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