Poker Strategy: Top Two Pair with Awkward Stacks

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Bart Hanson from Crush Live Poker talks poker strategy about awkward stack sizes.

How should we approach a spot where we make top two on the river but the card is so bad for our opponents’ range that we don’t think that he will pay off his range?

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Poker Strategy: Top Two Pair with Awkward Stacks

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Top Two Pair with Awkward Stacks

  1. On the river, I really have to go with check fold to a jam – and call a bet. Depending on the opponent. I can't think of any hand that would call a big bet – or a medium bet. What hands does he call us down with? Draws and made hands. QJ MAY call a bet – but not if he's a decent player. So, he either missed his straight or his backdoor flush, or his KQ/KJ have to fear the ace – or he's got a set, or K10. If he's a calling station, I could see a bet, if he's an over aggressive guy who is going to bomb any river in a big pot – then maybe call. But your standard low stacks player – the river is seldom a bluff right? As I don't see much value in betting here – I'd check and call a reasonable bet – and fold to a jam – outside of a player specific reason not to.

  2. Is it reasonable to assume villain can have the following combos in his range since the pot was only single raised and it was multiway. 89 910 q10 j10 99 1010 are all possible bluffs he could have. As played i would never fold for pot odds.
    In terms of the line in this hand: If we downbet out of position we can pot control and the times villain raises on this bad river we can exploitably fold because the vast majority of rivers is in our ranges favor. Would you agree that pot controlling and bet sizing out of position reduces the maximum amount we can lose in this hand by a good amount as opposed to betting big?

  3. I don't really see why a pot sized bet on the flop is so bad against 3 or 4 villains…i mean Bart is laughing at that idea??? really Bart???

  4. Unfortunately, this is always a fold on the river. It doesn't matter if opponent is bluffing here, since he had to risk so much to get in that spot.
    That said, the hand was played very poorly on a table like this… I would either check the flop or bet way larger in order to jam turns like the 6c

  5. if u bet 80 on flop , turn around 390….just bet 350 pot committed and pray your villian dont get there

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