Poker Strategy: Turn Trips Into A Bluff?

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In this hand we flop trips but when the flush comes in on the turn and two players show interest in the pot the caller wonders if turning his hand into a bluff may be the most profitable play.

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Poker Strategy: Turn Trips Into A Bluff?

9 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Turn Trips Into A Bluff?

  1. UTG limps Q8cc no way they fold a flush to a river raise. They are too bad to see anything but their hand.

  2. I didn't listen to entire vidro before writing this…I'm not raising here against unknowns. I'm only running this play on other capable thinking players. This is an odd merge play, where maybe we could want a fold or call depending on our hand reading ability… Always bet one dollar more than V is willing to call and bet one dollar less …I don't remember the saying lol

  3. HI ,
    I got this situation on table
    I had A♠️A♦️
    opponent Q♥️2♥️ ,
    table 8♥️K♠️3♥️2♠️Q♠️
    and he won as " 2 pairs " .

    PS i am beginner and I don't understand this much . Could u please explain how and why he won..

  4. If river goes bb check and utg bets 200 I think putting in the big blocker raise now looks much stronger than it would on the bb50 utg call 50 making q8cc a tough/bad call.

  5. I think, both the Hero and Bert got carried away a bit here. Its not enough for a good bluff, that you have blockers, you also need to think, if you would actually take that line with the hands, you are trying to represent. And would Hero really check-call the turn with a flush or a boat? That would be really bizarre, and I think, even bad players will kind of intuitively understand, that Hero just decided to take advantage of the weak bet and turn something into a bluff. So I think, this is played just fine by Hero. He kind of lost the minimum in the hand.

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