Poker Strategy: We 4 Bet QQ and Get Called In Two Spots

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We get into a 3 way 4 bet pot with QQ, how would you play this hand on each street.

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Poker Strategy: We 4 Bet QQ and Get Called In Two Spots

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: We 4 Bet QQ and Get Called In Two Spots

  1. i absolutely do not understand why he didn't shove on the flop with that remaining stack size, especially against two opponents. maybe somebody could explain that… since "hero" is calling everybody "fish" and "crushers" and talking like he knows something about poker, then he must be the expert, so please help out this novice! somebody? anybody??

  2. You can't check an overpair with an SPR <1. Villain cannot fold any pair with the SPR that low, or else he's just folding enough that all your bets automatically make money. If V does not call AJ in this spot, then you're just dragging in this massive pot every time.

    Also the more defined your range is, the more likely you should be to just bet the entirety of it. If you can only have a limited amount of hands, and you check, you're turning your hand face up.

    I just shovel the money in there and don't even feel sorry i did it.

  3. It's insane how soft live is. this guy is playing 1000NL and asks "so Bart, eh how does a 4bet work, like amount wise"

  4. Sizing I like to start with a pot size raise and sometimes adjust from around there. It's consistent… And how do we not shove the flop after making sizing mistake pre. We have mistake after mistake in this hand.

  5. He's probably jamming his whole range. I would. Maybe not if I had a 7

  6. am i the only one that likes the 4bet sizing.? keeps weaker hands in and can fold to 5bet jam. It also gives him a pot size jam on the flop

  7. It does not matter how much he bet he was still getting called.The guy calling others fish ended up been the fish and when the guy raise to 180 must of had AK-AA-AO and if i never hit a queen on the flop i would of bet once and folded to any bet on latter streets

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