Poker Strategy: What to do When We Flop Top Top and Get Raised

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In this hand we flop top pair, top kicker but face a raise. Should we just fold now or shove all in? Bart and the caller discuss facing aggression at low stakes live poker.

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Poker Strategy: What to do When We Flop Top Top and Get Raised

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: What to do When We Flop Top Top and Get Raised

  1. Bart – thanks for putting out all these videos and for all your work.

    One thing I found myself curious about is whether our hero here made any mistakes in the part of the hand before the key decision (e.g., how to respond to the raise)? It seems entirely correct to raise AKo UTG and since there were no reraises he seems fine on the preflop play. But was leading into the big field correct with his holding? Is it better to check the flop for range protection or pot control or to see what sort of action comes after him since he's in such early position, especially because leading put him in a spot where we ended up thinking it's fine to fold a then-best hand?

  2. Have to agree with Bart, that this is a fold. I dont think, we are against a draw or overplayed AQ quite often enough to justify giving it action.

  3. I actually love this play from the villain. Puts pfr in a tough spot with the majority of his UTG opening range aside from AA and JJ and maybe AJs. Mixing in the combo draws like this with hands like AJ, A4 and 44 would be a good strategy in the long run.

  4. Completely disagree with heros assessment that a big raise is a two pair guarantee. I would have looked him him and either fold or say, I'm dodging a diamond and jam.

  5. I've seen guys make exact same move in one two little different board but better hand still a flush draw many times. I'm NEVER folding ak here unless I know the player. There is an old guy who plays everyday where I do and if he did this here I folding because he only (1 out of hundred times he would have but flush draw) does this he two pair or a set.

  6. It depends on the player, a very weak 1 2 player might make this raise, and there are a lot of them, but a typical reg or older nit player would never raise this much without AA or maybe KK + , the main thing about the average 1 2 player is that most are very straightforward.
    When Bart played 1 2 it was probably a lot different, but average 1 2 player is not doubt stronger than 10 years ago. I am pretty new to the game, but that is what I have heard from players who were around back then.
    I am only on the flop, but unless I know this guy to be a total fish or newbie, I am folding to this raise on the flop. Though I might shove against % 20 of the average players out there, just depends if it's a very soft table.

  7. I am on the flop, based on the villains bet size on the flop I would say he has JJ, AA, AJ, or a nut flush draw, you got to know more about the villain, it is surprising how many players at 1 2 will play AA passively preflop. though you can count on a big raise from most so I would feel safe ruling out AA here, though it's possible in a 1 2 game. I know nothing about the villain however. This should be interesting though, I am a student of this game and still learning quite a lot every month. Thanks to books and these great videos by Bart and some other fine coaches as well.

  8. Saw the conclusion,, I would still fold on that flop with just top pair, way too many combos beat A K here. You run this scenario 500 times and A K is crushed.

  9. There is an interesting paradox to the 1 2 thinking, most 1 2 players would realize they probably up against 2 pair or better here on the flop, but not always, some players do go for flush straight draw combos, but they are usually VERY aggressive types, but the irony is that even though most players know not to shove here with A K for 1 2, unless the player is a fish, they will look at you like you are crazy if they know you folded A K. I found this out a bunch of times when I folded A K correctly and showed people, of course it was stupid of me to show people cause they then new that I would only be in a hand with something super strong, so I don't show anymore for that reason, unless I am playing tight because of being card dead, and if I make a raise with a hand like 67 suited and everyone folds, I may show if I am not planning on bluffing more. Now I play a lot differently, LAG or TAG depending on the table or player, only started playing 1 2 in Jan of this year so working on my game. If anyone disagrees with anything I said then please feel free to correct me. Always looking for advice from stronger players.

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