Poker Vlog – $1,200 POT WITH A SET!!! EVERY POT IS HUGE!?!?! (Deep Stacked $1/$2) Stupid BIG ACTION!

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Playing BIG POTS in a deep stacked game and we have TABLE FOOTAGE for the first time!!! My Poker Vlog is up and coming and while I don’t have the bankroll or play the stakes like Brad Owens Poker vlog, Andrew Neeme poker vlog or Rampage poker vlog, but I’m out here grinding to make a living.

This Poker Vlog 2020 follows my story. Andrew Neeme’s vlog was my inspiration and now I’m trying to make my own way.

This is the newest episode of my Poker Vlog.

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Poker Vlog – $1,200 POT WITH A SET!!! EVERY POT IS HUGE!?!?! (Deep Stacked $1/$2) Stupid BIG ACTION!

10 thoughts on “Poker Vlog – $1,200 POT WITH A SET!!! EVERY POT IS HUGE!?!?! (Deep Stacked $1/$2) Stupid BIG ACTION!

  1. Happens sometimes, don’t sweat it… it’s just one session. Other good ones will happen.

  2. You played well except the 22 hand. When he bets out $45 after the flop, what is he rep-ing? Top pair with a good kicker? Nut flush draw? combo draw? two pair? pocket 3's, pocket 6's, rarely slow played pocket K's or good old 45 suited or not? The $45 bet and your call is fine, raising probably makes no sense since the pot is relatively small but his jam on the turn should have told you who's the boss! Take your time to read jams. Not all jams are bluffs. He read you as having a weak K and then possibly turned two pair or on a spade draw, so jammed it after the 6 hits his straight draw. Think about fold equity and whether the turn jam call is reasonable and makes sense. Once the 6 hits, your set 2's stock dropped tremendously plus he has a river card coming for the possible flush. Regardless, when a player jams after the turn, more than likely, he's got a combo draw to the nuts, he's not bluffing to protect his made hand and is afraid of you hitting the possible spade flush or making a boat. Your set of 2's is not even close to being the nuts, even if the board pairs! Okay to let them go and move on to the next hand. There's always a next hand! Good luck on your next session!

  3. Hey Kenny, great videos man love the content! I also noticed that little lump on the side of your neck there at the end of the video. Have you ever gotten that checked out? I don’t mean to worry you, but I’m a thyroid cancer survivor and I had a lump similar to the one you have and thankfully I got it checked immediately and we caught the cancer early. I’m sure it’s nothing serious, but definitely worth getting it checked. Keep up the great work man and soon that run good will come!

  4. You played solid. Variance just sometimes bites you in the A….more so in deep stack play. Good patience btw for waiting on good playable cards.

  5. Just curious why you lead the river on that first hand with TT? Seems like as played your opponent is either folding hands you beat or has a better over pair. What hands can he call with on the river that you beat?

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