Pot Limit Omaha coaching with Kyyberi 31.5. 2014 (zoom PLO poker strategy)

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Pot Limit Omaha coaching with Kyyberi 31.5. 2014 (zoom PLO poker strategy)

10 thoughts on “Pot Limit Omaha coaching with Kyyberi 31.5. 2014 (zoom PLO poker strategy)

  1. Thanks, the HUD stats can be seen the bottom right corner. I am using PT4. In the first line the BBctSBopen means BB fold to SB open. SBfold and BBfold means how often the player folds on SB or BB to Button open.

  2. at 30:30 you folded AQ67 Double suited which is like a top 5 percent hand why would you fold there that's like the equivalent of folding pocket 10s pre to no raise you too tight preflop and to loose postflop

  3. i dont like your opening size bets in plo just ballooning the pot pre from early pos your gona increase vr alot and be out of position

  4. +rolandholland82 : Sorry that I can't reply directly, you didn't let me to (or Youtube didn't let me to). This is a simple poker concept: we balance our preflop range with betsizing. The more we have marginal hands/steals in our range, the smaller we bet (based on mathematics). As our range is strongest UTG, we should always pot it (unless we have a good reason not to) as a default. And if our range gets wider towards button, we decrease the betsizing (I use 2,5x as a default from BTN). If you still think that opening smaller from UTG is the correct way to play, I am more than happy to hear the reasons for it.

    From UTG we have a bad position and most often multiway pot. The bigger we bet, the smaller the SPR will be. And therefore the less advantage position has. As a thought, we don't really want to play rivers with high SPR oop.

  5. Hi at 42:05 why don't u play the AQT4 ds hand against MP open? IMO it's worth for a call at least, maybe even for a 3-bet against some opponents

  6. Автор ___Малайчинка! Адекватен. Спасибо за хад.

  7. I think you would profit more by profiling your opponents and exposing their weaknesses than playing pure math and pattern recognition. This will work on micro stakes, but not against aggressive and analytical players at higher levels who eat tags for breakfast.

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