10 thoughts on “Preflop Poker Plan – PHRASE

  1. Please don't laugh at me , Wes, but after following you forever, THIS has given me by far the most useful info yet. Thank you. Nothing that I didn't basically already know, but now I see the importance of the procedure in order to consistently begin each hand with my head in the best possible shape. INVALUABLE!

  2. Please don’t make anymore videos like that. Live game is slow enough, and now if every fish will start remembering previous action and ranges, while rechecking their hand, we won’t get any hands going.

  3. E (Effective Stacks) is why you should always hide your largest denomination chips behind the rest of your chips. It gives you a huge edge to obscure the correct effective stack size from your opponents! It's kind of like when Inigo Montoya would fence with his right hand to obscure that he was in fact left handed. You're welcome for another poker tip.

  4. Thanks for finally putting out this video! You’re commentary is the most entertaining, I hope to see more in the future!

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