Preflop Poker RANGES Explained!

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If you can’t make the right preflop decisions, how can you expect to make the right plays on the flop, turn, or river? Having a profitable preflop poker strategy starts with having a fundamentally sound preflop range. While every poker player knows how to play pocket aces, what other hands should be in your preflop range?

Your position in a poker hand heavily dictates what your preflop range should be. What the small blind raises with is completely different from what the dealer or the under-the-gun player raises with. While you must have a proper range for your own hands, you must also be aware of the preflop poker ranges of your opponents as well.

Click HERE for the preflop ranges that helped me win me two World Poker Tour (WPT) championships:

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Preflop Poker RANGES Explained!

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  1. I break even in micro stakes probably because of the 5% rake. Any good site where I can improve?

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