Protecting a Hand – Poker Strategy

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One of the ways that poker palyers lose chips even when the cards are good is to fail to protect their hands. Good flops do not always stand up well when tested by the turn and river cards. See how ourHero protects his hand in this game of limit holdem.

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Protecting a Hand – Poker Strategy

7 thoughts on “Protecting a Hand – Poker Strategy

  1. This was played pretty well, I think. He had a feeling that the preflop raiser was gonna continue bet, so I like the way he planned the hand, it actually worked out. I will also agree, raising the preflop better was not a bad play. But remember AK is worth nothing till it connects.

  2. I like the flat call preflop. AK is a drawing hand, you want to get money in the pot to increase your pot odds–until you hit it, then chase players to create dead money. PLus I think if you had it heads up on the flop your lead out bet would not seem as strong and would likely get a raise from late position holding AJ. This is all just supposition, any thoughts on this assertion would be appreciated.

  3. What was his position pre-flop? Sounds like the pot was $30 at the flop, 10 bets, and with 5 seeing the flop that means maybe that he was UTG and his preflop raise was simply called by everyone… Hard for him to re-raise himself 😉

  4. simonjeste, he was the SB.
    It appears you are playing $3/$6 Limit Holdem. No prob there (except its not NL, lol). Some realism is missing here because you control everything in the situation from hole cards to betting. In my opinion/experience, your reasoning didn't cover the many other ways this pot coulda been played. However, i won't criticize further because i realize you're trying to help newbies learn the basics of the game + 500 chars. max…
    PS: Where did you get this software?

  5. Ak it would be best not to get into a raging preflop rage with these cards because you will need to hit an ace or a king besides if there are too many players on the table that has raised preflop chances are they've already have a pocket pair so u played it right.i dont know what beg0r is talking about he probably is just a noob himself

  6. i was not impressed at all with ur play im afraid. To not reraise preflop to get the crap hands out is dumb in my opinion. someone could have been in there with an ace 5 and taken alot of money from u. Also i guess that because i play alot of poker i noticed some things about larrys moves. he was the raiser preflop and he bet into 5 ppl after the flop. so i think u can

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