10 thoughts on “Q10 off – player loses then wants mis-deal – #pokerbrandon #poker #pokerstrategy #pokerreels

  1. If you offered the missdeal option and they turned it down then that's his problem now, love em.

  2. And the b in the middle of the screen means nothing… like are you bb or sb??? There is no b.

  3. So he called the floor before he even pushed all in knowing that he was going to say he wanted to miss deal but he went ahead and pushed all in anyway

  4. Once the hand played out it dosnt matter. The stupid crying bitch wouldnt have called the floor if he had won…

  5. What a goofball. Plays on, tries to get a fold and then complains because he didn't get the result he wanted. Even if he called floor it was essentially a "just in case" calling the floor. It also makes it much easier to call because what would he be upset about if he made a big hand. Maybe he should have stopped play at literally any point during the hand?

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