4 thoughts on “Quick Hand: 6-Max No-Limit Online Poker Strategy Lesson $25NL Bovada Cash Hand #3

  1. at around 1:50 you say that HIS equity went up to 76.5%, when in fact it's your equity that drops to 76.5% (from 84%).
    Villain's equity does increase, but it goes from ~16% to ~24%.
    That is still a considerable increase (almost 50%) to his equity.

  2. I thought that your hand was a pre-flop fold, but I am a nit that plays full ring.
    you definitely illustrated that post-flop mistakes are more expensive than pre-flop errors, but it often takes the pre-flop error to get you to the later mistake.

    Thank you for having the courage to post the hand. Your willingness to use your own mistake to teach us gives me a lot more confidence in you than watching a dozen perfect plays.

  3. Yeah I tried to be clear about that, but must have miss spoke. It is correct on the slide, and it is a terrible card haha.

  4. Thank you! I really appreciate that, I think that watching mistakes probably helps learning more than correct play. And it is a fold on my new starting hand chart.

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