“Rounders” poker hand analysis! Live poker strategy with Detroit Poker Vlog #65!

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In this video, we’ll be talking about the first hand Matt McDermott plays vs Teddy KGB in “Rounders”, a 1998 film directed by John Dahl, written by David Levien and Brian Koppelman.

Applying poker strategy and analysis in the hand in the Rounders movie.

Rounders is one of my favorite movies of all time. Even today, more than 2 decades after it’s release, the lessons Matt learns the hard way are still relevant and worthy of discussion. Sit down, and watch a scene from one of my favorite poker movies with me. I have some thoughts I’d like to share.

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“Rounders” poker hand analysis! Live poker strategy with Detroit Poker Vlog #65!

10 thoughts on ““Rounders” poker hand analysis! Live poker strategy with Detroit Poker Vlog #65!

  1. So many interesting fishy things in that scene to list. Nice work on the stack sizes and blinds to begin with DP !! Assuming Teddy slow plays AA preflop some of the time all standard except large raise that you noted. Then Flop : Matt overbets the pot by betting 160% pot when there is a tonne of value to be had from other Aces, bottom pair, some middle pair, straight and flush draws. Really? Will only get called by strong Aces+ unless he has balanced his overbetting range before then might get bluff called by weaker aces (MAYBE other weaker pairs if Teddy really defends the overbet). Then Teddy flat calls his 1 combo of AA on a coordinated flop, hmm?? Unless hes an old school slow player the probability of him smooth calling twice with 1 combo of Aces is ridiculously low at this point in time. Personally I like a defend with King high on this flop against the huge overbet (see Note K below). Matt then puts Teddy KGB on a flush draw. Really?? If teddy defends BB say 1/3rd of the time hes got about 3% flush combos in that kind of range with As & 9s blockers against a lot of his flush range, then hes gonna chase a flush draw against 160% pot when pot odds puts a normal call down at about 60-70% pot OOP or about 100-120% pot maximum if Matt always checks weaker Aces/pairs on the turn and never double barrel bluffs then always pays off a river bet of about 25% pot when the flush comes in with all his pairs. So 160% pot and putting him on a tiny % of his range that a pro would never call anyways is just stoopid. Turn boat slow play check, check happens a lot down at my low stakes so no comment. River : After slow playing preflop, flop & turn Teddy then donks out a massive string bet!!! Haha. Nuff said. Then Matt does a classic fish Hollywood of feigning weakness when he is super strong. Even goes to the point of saying "urrgh, I'm gonna go all in cause I dont think you got spades". 3x pot river then a shove on a paired board and hes talking about flushes. Come on, this is not real high level poker or even medium or small stakes poker. Then Teddy calls, shows first, doesn't wanna see Matt's hand, shows top boat but then gets up from the table when Matt could have 99 quads that beat him and hasn't yet mucked his hand. It's funny that they made a movie about poker had professional players as consultants, obviously ignored all the recommendations of the pros and chose a hand that is ridiculously low probablity and plays out in a way that most $1/2 players can even see is just full of holes.

    Note K : Did I get ya? Haha, theres no way I'm defending K high to 160% pot unless the guy is a proven criminal with a rap sheet stealing pots a Detroit mile long.

  2. im curious where you got these precise stack sizes from… in general you did ab good analysis although you did miss the blatant string bet by kgb lol

  3. That would had been great if Matt had Pock 9's. Way behind in watching vids. My video inbox is backed up. I think I'm subscribed on to many channels. Check out this video. I think you will like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krE1BFg2mVw

  4. My first book, "The Poker Mind"

    Mental game tips, Tells, and More!

  5. What doesn't make any sense to me is that Matt could have had quad 9's, but Teddy already declared victory before Matt got to turn his cards over.

  6. Great analysis! – technically quad nines would be the nuts and Teddy KGB had the 2nd nut…

    I've lost 13 racks (1/2 holdem) after all night of playing this way with kings full of tens (KK in hand) vs quad 10s (pocket 10s in hand). Also on the K 7 10 flop it was set over set over set (pocket 7s). I thought I was good after the river when I called the tens all in on the turn (a deuce). He had 13 racks too… It was a devastating and humbling experience and I didnt play live again for a few weeks lol. Of course in grand fashion a 10 hit the river with all of us thinking we were trapping each other on the flop. The 10s guy was like I was scared when you called me all in on the turn and I wasn't scared anymore on the river -.- (and no jackpot sigh because u needed aces full of 10s or better) this is when the Bicycle had $100k jackpots and double jackpot when the blue light was spinning (every odd hour for an hour)

  7. Damon is holding 3rd nut hand… Teddy 2nd. The nuts is pocket 9s for quads, everyone misses that detail…

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