RUNNING IT UP! Bombs Away at My Meet Up Game @ MGM Grand | Poker Vlog #437

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Personal Vlog (Ethan Yau)

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RUNNING IT UP! Bombs Away at My Meet Up Game @ MGM Grand | Poker Vlog #437

10 thoughts on “RUNNING IT UP! Bombs Away at My Meet Up Game @ MGM Grand | Poker Vlog #437

  1. Ethan, you are a bad influence!!! I like your vlog a lot and your darn 4's haven't been as good to me as they have for you, but I did flop quad 4's at Best bet a few months ago!! keep going brother!

  2. Dude Ethan I know you obv have lots of money now but no, A10 is not a call even with your $160 straddle when the guy shoves all in for $1000. You talk about pot control in some pots that are less than $100 but then you just instacall with A10 off another $860? I think you realize that the vast majority of people sitting down at this meetup game value their money. And don't have nearly as much as you. So when a guy who straddles $20 decides to reshove over a $160 straddle to $1000? Um your A10 might as well be 72. C'mon dude. You literally just lit that 1k on fire. Sigh…

  3. Amazing to see this on the vlog! Didn't manage to get into any hands with you here but we definitely had a blast a few days later (Happy Birthday Nicole)! Hope to catch you at the next meet up in my next trip from down under 🙂

  4. I can never know if Ethan is joking where ever he says “1k is 6 BB in a 160$ straddle pot”
    I feel like Ethan is the only person that calculates Bigblind stack ratio using the biggest straddle.

  5. Hey man great video good to see you give back to the Poker community and to the people that watch your channel. That was a great gesture for Marianos 100 K milestone subscription on YouTube. What a great relationship you and Mariano have. Good luck in this year‘s WSOP and keep punting✌🏻🙏🏼🤙🏼👊🏼❤️💥🇺🇸👌🏼🔥

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