10 thoughts on “Rush Poker Strategy Video – $100NL 6-Max

  1. Such bad player as far as rush goes you put yourself at risk big time i think u can go lag but really you are playing chicken everytime u are out there and yes there are players with HUDS that work!!

  2. I can't believe that! You play THAT agressive, but stupid and still you're ultra-loveen lucky!!! Hittin' a straight, flush with a trouble hand almost every time…
    I'll be damn…
    Are you loveing with Lady Luck, bro? I wanna be the same lucky as you are.

  3. I play rush exclusively for awhile now. I am beating it pretty easily..
    I can help people but I am only able to help people who DO NOT have the full tilt poker client nor a account.
    Reason is because I am currently helping people who sign up at a rakeback site through me 🙂

    message me for details.

  4. hey degan love the video mate, was seeing if you wanted to spare $5 🙂 user name is soccerstar_29. thanks mate

  5. the best way to win money at full tilt pok… is … … Ups, the server doesn't work!!! I think i won't lose money anymore.

  6. @tdkbxlv yeah i love poker, i always start with a no deposit bonus. you can get 5 pounds to start playing from here: bit.ly/ME0dEB?=enirll

  7. 7:13, "once they are putting money in, they're being stupid about it." This describes an entire class of player quite well.

  8. i need to start playing with you…i will slow play your donk play all day long.professional donkey my note on you haha

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