10 thoughts on “Set Farming – Poker Strategy

  1. You forgot to point out that AA to 55 is 80% to 20%, You forgot to point out if they have pocket aces they have AS MUCH CHANCE to hit a set as you do. If you play like this you are going to loose. Because sometimes when you hit a set and foolishly go all in your opponent will have hit a set too, and his set beats yours.

  2. thinking that every time you set you take all of your opponent stack is over optimistic to me

  3. great video. this is just stats but i still find it much more profitable in reality than the theory suggests, because losing a few chips won't cost us a lot but winning big pots increase the chance of going to final table. i love trying to hit a set when there are multiple opponents involved

  4. After watching your video, I considered the times you may your set on the flop, but he catches an Ace on the turn or the river.

    Are the odds of this too low for this situation to arise to affect the math shown in your video?

    I like your explanations. Especially liked the hand reading video! Thanks.

  5. The ONLY way to make a "set" is with a pocket pair.  If you don't have a pocket pair it's only called three-of-a-kind, not a set.

  6. Was playing yesterday and doing a lot of setmining. Every time I hit my set my opponent also got either a flush or a straight (which is something not factored into your math). happened to me 5 times yesterday!

  7. Set mining/farming is a losing proposition. Due to set over set, player not stupid enough to lose whole stack with AA, or simply you don’t know how to value bet. So many conditions need to be met to profit from a small set. But I think ppl will continue to set mine regardless.

  8. Yep you gotta be very careful with small pairs. If I don't make a set by the flop I'm basically gone because the calling station who hit with 9-2 will stack you.
    Big pairs are different. I actually have to resist throwing them away preflop because of the potential disastrous consequences.
    I don't of course and they're usually very good for me if I am hyper alert as to what I'm thinking about my opponents possible range.

  9. 'ignoring the small amount of times he hits an ace' [equal to amount of times we hit the 5]

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