Should I Call This River Shove? (Online Poker Strategy – Hand of the Day)

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This Hand of the Day episode is coming from my reader David. He played this hand online and he would like to know more about his online poker strategy in this online cash game. What would you do in his shoes? Would you call this river shove? What do you think about David’s online poker strategy here ?

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Should I Call This River Shove? (Online Poker Strategy – Hand of the Day)

10 thoughts on “Should I Call This River Shove? (Online Poker Strategy – Hand of the Day)

  1. I think we were beat there, he defiantly could have floated with QJ, he hit a open-ender on the turn and could have bet it thinking we would fold

  2. Post flop: Probably check fold. Because I can have many bluffs I don't need KQ off even though is good that I have no heart. Now on the river there are some bluffs and some value bets he can have. I would call this because he is representing some kind of QJ A10 1010 K10 maybe and he has around the same or more amount of bluffs. Given the odds is a call. Although we could also have many As to call. Because we fold some 10x hands and some Kx or smaller pairs KQ is good hand to just call and hope he is bluffing 30%

  3. Alec is still a decent guy and a beast player, this 'angle shoot' drama will soon blow over. Until then, appreciate the free content and be thankful

  4. get hand of the day back!!! I mostly play Omaha if you could do Omaha break downs…as for the haters, water under the bridge, eventually it will go away.

  5. Hey Alec, I love this channel. If the river here, instead of being a Ad, let's say it was 9h or 7h or Jh and the opponent still shoves, would that change whether you call or not?

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