Should I Limp My Good Poker Hands?

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It can be a tempting poker strategy to limp your strong poker hands like Aces or Kings. But should you? Listen to Poker Pro Phil Galfond if limping is or could become a part of your strategy!

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If you’re asking ‘Should I Limp My Good Poker Hands’ or ‘Should I Limp My Aces / AA’ then the answer is no, you probably shouldn’t. There are some cases where limping strong hands can be part of an optimal poker strategy but if you’re asking this question you probably should stick to raising to get action with your strong hands instead of trying to ‘trick’ your opponents with the limp-reraise.

The limp-reraise requires a specific set of circumstances to be a high frequency option and oftentimes in those situations raising will still get a good amount of poker chips into the middle.

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Should I Limp My Good Poker Hands?

10 thoughts on “Should I Limp My Good Poker Hands?

  1. I’ll limp strong hands in cash games if:
    -I’m early position
    -I’m at an action table/Someone will almost always raise
    In tournaments almost never because taking the pot down has more value so I don’t mind folding out hands when I have nutted hands

  2. Damnit these is good & explain/teach
    In the unlikely event I ever find myself at a table with one these guys I’d get up

  3. Well…on the rare occasions I play PLO, my table has MULTIPLE players potting and re-potting pre flop.

  4. Where I live, on 2/3 almost every single hand gets raised to 5-8x the bb and 2 to 3 people call lol ..what about in that case?
    It literally happens probably 90% of the hands.. I can't even remember the last time someone 5x'd the bb and didn't get 2 callers, and sometimes a limp goes unraised but it's super, super rare lol

  5. This is a mistake I have gotten into recently. You're card dead, folding a lot, then get a big hand and limp in. I have to keep telling myself to open up my range when raising rather than expanding my limping range. If everyone folds to your UTG raise, so be it.

  6. A game where people will raise limps but are afraid to 3-bet describes most 2-5 games and plenty of 5-10 games. You only can't use it at 1-3 because half the time you'll get a flop with seven limpers.

    I think the limp-reraise is a good way to get money in the pot preflop, but it also basically broadcasts that you have aces or kings. If you are willing to do it with most of the hands you play, it will tend to create more dead money but also make the game play shallower because of bigger preflop pots.

    I think this move has some merit, though not in all games.

  7. Got a question. I play at a game where there is usually only 3 bets with AA or KK. Lot of times, KK will flat. As such, there is a LOT of multiway pots and even with AA or KK, there are virtually no chances to 4 bet and 5 betting is unheard of. For the most part, the table is loose passive. What's the best way to punish this?

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