Simple Trick to Win Poker Tournaments (Works Every Time!)

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Here is the poker tournament strategy that has made more millionaires in this game than any other.

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Simple Trick to Win Poker Tournaments (Works Every Time!)

10 thoughts on “Simple Trick to Win Poker Tournaments (Works Every Time!)

  1. What poker tournament strategy do you use? Also, here is the basic betting mistake that 99% of amateurs still make:

  2. Excellent tips here. I agree deals are not generally in your favor, but there are times in my opinion when they make sense. Usually in the smaller Live buy in tournaments that have a turbo structure. You're down to 5 people in a $50 tournament. No one has more the 10BB and the small stack is 3BB (Say blinds just went to 8k-16k with 16k BB ante). You really aren't playing anymore, it becomes more like Bingo.

    Of course these are likely Recreational Tournaments anyway. Usually take 3-4 hours and are a way to spend a morning or evening at your local card room…..Not going to make a living, but not bad for some practice playing with or against 20-40BB stacks for when you are in those bigger tournaments.

    Keep up the good work Nathan

  3. Playing high and tight works for me. I play with a small stack. I bluff at times to catch opponents off guard. As my pot grows i loosen up.

  4. My online results aren’t as good but I have used a moderately successful strategy for live tournaments. I buy in for the maximum because some tournaments offer add-ons and double add-ons. They are also sometimes offered during the longest break as well. I play very conservatively early and only play premium hands while keeping an eye on the number of big blinds I have. When the blinds increase to where I’m around 25 BB, I get very aggressive before the flop in late position when I sense weakness. I prefer to go all in too. I have been ridiculed for this many times but I love when a short stack is all in and there are several callers because I’ll go all in with any 2 cards to make it heads up and I get 5 or 6 to 1 odds on my money. Usually I make it to the final table with around a dozen BB. I go out around 7th place and when I’m more successful, I’ll make the top 5 or 3 where we usually chop it based on chips. I won first place once. That’s a simplified version but the strategy has kept me competitive in local tournaments for years

  5. when you mention BOTs ? super users ? and cheaters online ? there is no way making money online unless you are cheater.

  6. Im playing extremely loose and aggressive in 3 max zoom . Im not suggesting playin like this in 9 max

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