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The simple definition of a Squeeze Play is to 3-bet in a multi-way pot when you sense weakness. You can squeeze with a premium hand, a drawing-type hand, or with rags. Hearing that might surprise you, but allow me to explain.

If you have been following my articles, books, and videos, then you know I’m all about no-Ego play, patience, playing the player, and attacking in the right spots.

By presenting that image, it allows us to get away with bluffs in the right spots, which is often later in tournaments when the pots are bigger. The best part about this is that we don’t even need to bluff big.

Our image that was set up for hours helps us reduce risk because our success rate on small and moderate-sized bluffs will increase.

The only time we want to do this is when the original raiser is a tight player who raised 3x the Big Blind or less and has developed a pattern of raising more than 3x the Big Blind with top-five hands.

We also need all the other players who got involved to flat, which means just call. This tells us that the original raiser has a hand like AK, AQ, AJ and the other players were speculating.

If you squeeze big here, you will probably get all folds, but even if the original raiser calls, you’re likely close to a flip and getting good value because of all the dead money in the pot.

If the original raiser is a loose player and you have rags, it’s an easy fold. If you have a drawing-type hand and there are several callers, you should see a flop, especially if you have position. Just know that these types of hands are high-risk/high-reward.

Some players think it’s an insta-call because of pot odds, but most players discount reverse implied odds, which means the amount of chips you can lose if you hit the flop or a draw.

If you hit the flop with a hand like T9-suited, you might have top pair but be outkicked. If you have a draw, there are two bad outcomes.

The first is that you end up putting too many chips into the pot on that draw and miss. The second is that you hit your draw and lose most or all of your chips to a bigger straight or flush. You need to look at all variables, the two most important being the patterns of the original raiser and your cards.

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Squeeze Play Poker Strategy

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