Strategies: Adjusting to Live Poker

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Strategies: Adjusting to Live Poker

10 thoughts on “Strategies: Adjusting to Live Poker

  1. Like the video, you beautiful vultures, and then maybe I'll remember to post more often :') <3

  2. hey charlie look at this: . i just send you the first video and you have to regist, but i think it worth

  3. Can totally relate to the online players not transitioning to live very well. Iv done really well this year online even FT a SCOOP. Am in Vegas just now playing the series at the Wynn. and have made so many mistakes counting stacks, and raising the wrong amounts pre and post after messing up very basic maths. I think its because your mind is racing its much more intense that online play and online everyones stack and pot size is displayed digitally. Live I spend most of my time counting pots and stack sizes im sure im missing out on absolutely loads of information in hands iv played in also hands im not involved in.

    Played for 12 hours yesterday and by the end my brain was a mush and I walked back to my hotel room in a very spaced out state. I wouldnt be surprised if some people on my table thought I was a beginner.

  4. Charlie, could you speak more about how to adjust to large fields where one has high ROI? I am having difficulties in that area right now in terms of how often to bluff/do I need to be balanced/should I just play simple solid ABC etc. Love the content, thank you 🙂

  5. I dont get it. If the following 2 statements are true: 1. There are GTO players crushing hs live tournaments. 2. live reads are a thing in hs live tournaments. Then logically statement 3 follows: 3. combining live reads+GTO, its possible to achieve a higher winrate then the best gto players.

    so why not learn gto??

  6. Hey Charlie, vulture here. I've always enjoyed seeing you do well. However your approach to expressing your opinion on live reads is slightly frustrating. For this reason alone, I issue a HU challenge – live or online. Has to be a game that is not just hold em (could be half and half, a mix etc), any stakes. Not a troll.

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