The ADVANCED Suited Ace Strategy (USED BY PROS!)

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Here is the advanced strategy for suited aces that is used by a majority of poker pros. If you struggle with a hand like Ace Ten suited, try this strategy.

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The ADVANCED Suited Ace Strategy (USED BY PROS!)

10 thoughts on “The ADVANCED Suited Ace Strategy (USED BY PROS!)

  1. How do you play your suited aces? Also, please never bluff with this hand (epic fail!)

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  3. R B
    12 minutes ago
    Personally, I hate A5. I don’t use it as my bluffing hands. Why, because it can never be the nut straight… and lots of people play wide at my local casino – so they could call with 56s (some could call with 56o). So I use A4 and A3 suited as my bluffing hands … also don’t use A2 as a bluff for the same reason.

  4. You could about 10% of the video by eliminating the repeated definitions of the different levels of suited aces. We get it! Thanks for the tips

  5. 8 minutes of blah blah blah blah blah

    Here's the way to play them: open jam. Easy. You're guaranteed to win with any ace in all circumstances. You're welcome.

  6. One of the things you seem to constantly leave out of your instructional videos is stack size vrs stack size and the size of C-bets and raising bets. Imo, the info is next to useless otherwise. A5s raises flop (last example). The total outs add up to a little over 30% or so. So any Q, T or pocket pair above 5 wins against. If I'm a LAG…maybe I fold if opponent has a sizeable stack compared to mine and the bluff raise bet is substantial. Against a player bluffing multiple hands and/or very short stacked, it's a call with basically any pair.

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