The Best DEEP STACK Poker Strategy (Do This)

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Do you have trouble playing deep stack poker?

If so in this video I am going to review a poker hand that is a perfect example of how to play deep stack poker well.

When you know what the best deep stack poker strategy is, you can literally print money at the poker tables versus bad players.

Would you have played this hand the same or different? Make sure you let me know in the comments below.



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The Best DEEP STACK Poker Strategy (Do This)

10 thoughts on “The Best DEEP STACK Poker Strategy (Do This)

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    This hand has generated quite a bit of debate below! Here are my thoughts:

    1. AA is the 4th best hand possible on the river here (it is beaten by 7x, QQ and TT).

    2. The effective stacks in this hand are 425 big blinds.

    3. Stackoff ranges versus another reg when you are this deep are not the same as a normal 100bb game. Not even close in fact. You need a much, much stronger hand.

    4. This is why stacking off here for 425bb with AA versus another reg is not a "cooler" or "bad luck." It is actually just bad play.

    5. Look, AA always loses a lot in this hand. That is not up for debate at all. But with proper bet sizing and a better awareness of the situation, AA should lose a lot less here.

    I want to know your thoughts on this hand below though! How would you play it if you were in hero or villain's shoes?

  2. I play full ring, I find it interesting how different an 18 / 12 / 4 is at 6 max.
    An 18 / 12 / 4 at full ring is probably a pretty good player.

  3. So the guy who tells us he bad at math is teaching us deep stacked poker 🀣 Nice video keep up the good work, love from Belgium 🍦

  4. The main issue in this hand is Villains bet sizing. Sure this is a cooler situation, and sure its reasonable to bet AA for value on this board. But his bet sizing was far from standard or optimal.
    If he had bet a more traditional 60% pot on all three streets, his final investment on the river would have been 3,93 EUR or close to 100 BB.

    Sure in this scenario he would still have faced a raise from Hero and have had to make a decision. But against an overbet for another 325 BB he can certainly fold AA without opening himself up for exploitation, given that a bluff from Hero with that sizing would need to work 80% of the time. And if Hero raise to a smaller size, he can call with AA without losing his entire 425 BB stack. So whichever size, Hero would have chosen on the river, Villain can get away for less.

  5. Hey Nathan! Where can I send you my hand? Sorry I cannot find the link in your channel. Keep doing this fun and interesting videos, cheers!

  6. What kind of player are you if we were to read your HUD stats. What is the best type of stat?

  7. Best deep stack strategy.. flop quads.. so all I have to do when I play deep stack poker is flip trips and turn quads and call down an opponent with a cooler hand.. awesome advice..

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