The Proven Zoom Poker Strategy Most Don’t Know About

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Here is the simple Zoom poker strategy that I recommend to crush the games. Follow this 7-step formula to beat Zoom poker games fast!

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The Proven Zoom Poker Strategy Most Don’t Know About

8 thoughts on “The Proven Zoom Poker Strategy Most Don’t Know About

  1. What Zoom poker strategy do you use? Also, here is the advanced river bluff strategy that very few poker players truly understand:

  2. tight is right and that's ok but "play only 20%" doesn't makes sense.
    it's all about position, you can't play 20% in every position

  3. More precisely, it is not the position that is important, but how many opponents who have not yet made a bid I still have in front of me. In addition, how many have allready made a bid and how much they bid.
    It's a bit confusing when you are on position EP and MP, CO are sitting out, then you are now CO.

  4. 5:27 These idiomatic expressions like "emptying the clip" makes understanding for non native listeners very hard work.
    In this case I can guess what you meant. I hope its right.
    "you send a continued strong statement: I value bet" or "you go allin -> empty your stack" or something like that.
    Or it belongs to poker jargon I dont know.

  5. Hey Nathan this question isn't based off your most recent zoom poker strategy it's more a general question. I'm a new subscriber after watching almost half of your videos yesterday which are EXTREMELY helpful. Since watching, I won one tournament and lost 3 afterwards. Specifically in tournaments and sit & go's, I'm having trouble separating my dominant approach from when to play it cool. While playing more aggressive has improved my game dramatically, it's when I'm on tilt that's giving me issues. Even with a good hand like AQ, how aggressive should I continue to be if the cards simply don't come out? If I bet heavy pre-flop and post flop and the turn doesn't come my way, I feel exposed checking the rest of the way. I guess you can say my biggest problem is creating a balance. Any help would be much appreciated.

  6. great advice, after 200 hands I had over 350 BB following this. about 25 mins long
    I use memoization tricks to know the range:

    I ask "Who do I want to see at the show tonight?" If I'm in position, I'm watching "Justing Timerlake Singing", otherwise I'm more picky and will only watch "The king and queen sing".

    This is for JTs and KQs. Then, adjust your hand from there with simple add/remove on the suit, value and s/o, for example:

    K8o out of position will start with KQs, then I -1 for it being o, then -4 for the 8, resulting in a score of -5, which I do not want to play

    K8o in position will start with JTs, then +2 for the K, -2 for the 8 and -1 for the o, resulting in a score of -1, so I do not want to play this in position either

    then I just need to remember a couple exceptions:

    * the cutoff for AXo is 8, A and 8 sound alike so that's easy for me

    * all pockets except 2's only in position

    * Watch out for weak AXs hands if there are a lot of players in this round.

    I can do this quickly in my head.

    for betting: 3x BB if you're in, raise to 5x BB for a 3bet. 3BB on flop, 6BB on turn, POT bet, rounded up, on river

    Also, protect your stack. Do not fall for traps, just protect the stack. But if you know you have the nuts, give er.

  7. all what you speak about is nice but what you not speak about is POKER BOTS which are impossible to beat. You work for casinos so they have more customers. You are making money from sponsoring not from online poker.

  8. Hey Nathan , love your content . Also work with your Elite University and try to improve my Game and bring it to the next lvl Hope to crush NL2 soon so i can move up to Nl5 . Have a Great Weekend Laura

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