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SplitSuit explains how suited connectors hit flops and perform postflop. He uses the software Flopzilla Pro to analyze different SCs and show how they flop huge hands, draws, and single pairs. James then shows the difference between big and small-suited connectors from an equity and pair perspective. Make sure you understand the math behind these hands!

0:00 Science Of Suited Connectors Intro
0:40 Why Poker Players Love Suited Connectors
1:07 Not All Suited Connectors Are The Same
1:21 How Suited Connectors Hit Flops
4:10 Suited Connector Tips
5:50 SC Hands In Multi-Way Pots
7:31 Postflop Tips With SCs


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The Science Of Suited Connectors | SplitSuit Poker

7 thoughts on “The Science Of Suited Connectors | SplitSuit Poker

  1. Appreciate you putting this topic back up. Important to understand Pre (and Post) where the EV is + and where it isn't.

  2. Been a follower since 2014. This channel is like good wine, gets better with age!

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  4. Do you know which position the GTO solver starts to open-raise EVERY suited connector in 6max? If not, download the GTO Ranges App and poke through the open-raising ranges (totally free) to find out!

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